Scrooge is alive and well in my town!

While leaving the post office, satisfied that all cards and packages had been successfully mailed…I walked out the doors and saw an older man walking slowly and using his hand to balance himself against the buildings wall. 

It was slippery, so I came over and offered to help him to the entrance. I was verbally accosted by either his frustration or anger. He said quite loudly….”GET OUTTA HERE…..WHAT BULLSHIT!!!!”

It was clear he did not want help. I backed away and thought….that is one unhappy man. Whether he is that way all the time I don’t know. But the name Ebeneezer Scrooge, sure came to mind.

This time of year is hectic for all of us….but even more so in our family with my husband having a birthday on December 23rd. He calls it 48 hours of  decadency!!

We have good friends who have 3 birthdays in December and a Wedding Anniversary. Now that makes for an intense month. But they make it work every year…and they love it!

Remember always make it work for you…so that in return you can make it work for others. What goes around, truly comes around when treated with respect and positive attitude.

Now that is the RIGHT attitude! Making your day special, no matter what time of the year it is!

Keepin’ the attitude….

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The Attitude Amazon    

Eileen Strong


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The days are getting a bit intense, but this I found interesting from the “Blog Squad.”

Following is a quick response that I did to the queen of the blogs…..”The Blog Squad“….Patsi was stating the importance of adding personality to your blog. I think you will find this interesting:


Patsi, I loved your “rant” on personality. And thankfully I’m right on target
with your idea. I have been dubbed “The Attitude Amazon.” At 6 ft. tall & the last name of Strong…….you better have an attitude & a great one at that! I speak on the power of your mind. Achieve it when you believe, truly works. I am a mentee of Tom Antion & James Malinchak. Now I have you to thank for your wisdom. I will keep on learning & blogging!! Thank you.
Eileen Strong,
Strong Incentives
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Oprah’s fessing up about her 40 lb. weight gain!

It’s been in the news. And it will be brought to our attention again as she addresses the problem of watching your weight. It really does require a daily approach. Most people need only to eat 100 more calories in one day, everyday to gain 10 additional pounds in one year. 

Let me tell you….100 calories ain’t much! That is one cookie, or one graham cracker or one can of light beer. It doesn’t take much! Especially over the next few weeks when most people will gain at least 4 to 7 lbs. Oh well!

If it’s worth it to you… than enjoy! As a clinical hypnotist for over 20 years, most people don’t seem to understand how their weight came on so fast. As I tell everyone…..”Don’t lost your weight,….release your weight, because lost things are usually found.”  

I was surprised to hear that the 1st season winner of “Biggest Loser” has gained EVERY pound back that he had worked and sweated off!!!!!  There is a sentence that has been around in the “diet industry” for a while now….”It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating at you!” 

We eat to cover up our emotions. We eat to make ourselves feel better. When your stomach is full, you feel safe. And if you feel safe, you can go on with your life. We still are  “animals” in the way that we think.

So…..enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It is “that most wonderful time of the year.”

My good friends, (husband and wife) both are fighting cancer…and he also works for Lehman Brothers!  Never ever think you are having a bad day till you walk in their footsteps for awhile. 

As Oprah’s new campaign will begin the week of January 5th….”Truly living your best life.”  Think about it…are you living yours?????”

Keepin’ on with  the great attitude,

“The Attitude Amazon”


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Holiday frenzy in December – How to keep your sanity!

Black Friday has come and gone….thank heavens. It was worth it for my son, who was one of the first in line at Sports Authority early Friday morning. His friends both got a $25 gift card…but Grant scratched off his gift card…and was surprised that he  received a $100 gift card. When you are a broke college student, that is a lot of money. We know where some of our Christmas gifts are coming from this year!

Did you go shopping…or did you avoid the frenzy to pace yourself and purchase gifts for your loved ones at a later date. Coupons will be in abundance for the next 3 weeks. Always remember that giving is more rewarding than receiving. Especially when the person is in true need.

Make a concentrated effort to take a “step back”…think about what you can give that will make a difference in someone’s life. The present you will get back should prove to be priceless!

Set a budget and STICK TO IT! Do not use credit cards unless it is a dire need. Our grandparents survived quite nicely without EVER using them. We can do just the same. It ‘ll be hard….but the payback over the next several months and years will be worth it. 

Think about this…..Put $5 in a bowl every Sunday night for the next 52 weeks, and do not touch it. Keep it under “lock & key”  for the next 52 weeks, and with very little pressure you will have almost $250.

This will be a gift for you….that was simple and profitable. And IT WORKS! Start this Sunday.

What a great investment…..YOU!

Keepin’ a great attitude.

The “Attitude Amazon”


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