The power of networking…..successfully! Or….how I learned to overcome procrastination.

Sometimes it  seems that networking is waste of time. In fact I have a business card that I pass out and it says   “Is this the best use of my time?”

I pass it out to several people that I meet at events. Then when I  seem them later at a different event, I frequently hear from people that the card with that phrase is STILL taped to the front of their desk or computer.

Seriously,  just think of it. How well do you make use of your time?

I have always loved the wisdom of recognized business speaker Brian Tracy. His book “Eat That Frog“is one of my favorites. The gist of the book is that you should always do the worst thing first in the morning…and I mean the thing that you procrastinate over; you simply DO NOT WANT TO DO. But then it is DONE!  And Tracy then says, if you have two horrible things to do…do the worst thing first. He calls them “frogs.” Big and ugly green frogs that seem to control our life in so many ways.

Procrastination usually comes in the form of that “frog.”  We put off doing what needs to be done until we are pressured into doing it at last minute.

How often have you done that? In fact, might you even fall into that category called the “3 P’s?”

Packrat / Procrastinator / Perfectionist

If one is a procrastinator, they frequently will be a packrat keeping “important” things in their life, that they think they will use another time. Someday, somewhere…somehow. Yet when they do the task that they have put off doing…they do it extremely well. Because they are perfectionist. Wanting to be  in control at all times.

Quite frankly I am married to one. And it sure is taxing.

Some people are only 2 out of the “3 P’s.”

Which one are you? Especially when it comes to networking. This skill is critically important in running your business successfully. Meeting people who should know about your business, but you never get around to mingling with them OR  your target rich audience effectively. You observe other people doing that….but you attempt to and do NOT follow thru. Question yourself and find out what you are afraid of. Rejection, objections or possible acceptance?

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Get out there now…and just do it!

No wonder “Nike” uses that for a logo!

Share with me your thoughts!

Eileen Strong….”The Attitude Amazon.”

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The wisdom of a professional business guru….

Tom Antion continues to amaze me. He is so knowledgable in the world of internet marketing. His 60 tips in 60 minutes last night was content rich. He even “fessed up” to changing some techniques, that he always considered winners. Marketing tools  such as long copy sales letters, and dropping in video above the letters are now more marketable.

He even has a new book out, the 4th version of his multi “winning IT skills” book called “Click.” Better yet attend his in depth weekend program, to take your business to the next level. He has fondly dubbed his school, “Butt camp”….because he teaches you how to sit on your butt and generate passive income because of your products and programs.

Thanks Tom for your ongoing wisdom that you share with so many. Check out his “Im Not a Poodle” website to see how he approaches any market that is out there with a great product for you and a logical profit for him.

As a results of last nights seminar, I will be changing and upgrading my website thru your suggestions. I know the results will be phenomenal!

Eileen  Strong

Strong Incentives….Powerful Results!

Speaker & trainer who generates confidence in your personal and professional life.

Author:   “Who Stole My Confidence?” 7 rock solid steps to take yours back!

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“Who Stole My Confidence?”

Success!!! I have finished my first book and am ready to go to print and online. This great book deals with all aspects of losing, gaining and keeping your confidence thru life.

I show you 7 “Rock Solid” steps to take yours back. It is told thru a first person story of a successful journey that can and will help you take yours back with ease.
Follow me on my journey thru Amazon and publishing as this book comes to life along with the other two on the way to creation.

Here’s to a good read and a positive response from you and all the next great steps you are capable of making!