Celebrate your success!

Well today is Grounds Hog day. I guess we are celebrating that there was no shadow and that winter will be over sooner than later. But at this rate, we have already had our complete share of winter in the Northeast.
This is a special day in our family….since it is not only Ground Hog day, but it is also my son’s 23rd birthday. So yes, we are celebrating!!
But that is personal, and I am now talking professional. You should be celebrating every time you make a presentation that is content rich, confident and credible.
By presenting your material that is engaging and rich with relatable stories, you will have your audience wanting to hear more!
This is YOUR journey of change.
This is YOUR journey of committing to discipline.
This is YOUR journey of practicing and knowing your material, so that IF there is an unexpected event during your presentation…you can get right back to your topic of expertise….and even BLEND in the unexpected event into your presentation.
Choosing to minimize your fear when you speak, gives you “a foot up” on feeling credible.
Because this is such a powerful fear, we drag these “chains of apprehension” with us…up to the podium.
Your state of mind is how you react to a Nationally recognized holiday, a family members birthday, or the positive sense of empowerment because your presentation was solid.
Break your presentation into 3 or 4 components. Open with a BANG! And close with a memorable point (that you have worked on) and bring your message home. Don’t say “Thank you for letting me present to you today”….for that is simply BORING. Remember you want to leave a message of credibility.
Be creative and thing of a closing line that your audience can relate to. And they will. And they WILL call you back.
Confident to credible is what you will become!
As a professional presentations coach, working with you to achieve this level is my objective. Leave the apprehension behind and celebrate your confidence.
Strong Incentives does deliver powerful results!