How to successfully start a business even if it scares you!

Many of us will think of starting a new business but remain apprehensive of what to do. You can choose to do a multitude of strategies, and then narrow down what feels right to you. But you need some guidelines.
Feel comfortable and have a solid curiosity and passion about what you want to market! Even “rocks” can be sold at a profit. Yes I said rocks!

Several years ago, a smart entrepreneur came up with the idea of selling a “PET ROCK.” It came with a carrying container, and it had a little bed of “straw” in the inside, and it came with instructions of how to care for your brand new “pet rock.”

Their marketing into the fact that everybody needed and or wanted a pet. But many did not want the hassle or inconvenience of taking care of a pet. And Eureka…..this was the answer. You did not have to walk it, or feed it, or even pet it. You certainly could talk to it, and take it where ever you went. Because it did come with its’ own carrying case. People named their pet rocks, and it did make several million dollars of profit for the creator. Think about what your value proposition is for your product or service.

Lindsay Phillips, came up with the idea of “Switch Flops.” She created the idea of having sandals that could have interchangeable velcro tops for the sandals you owned. Color, texture and accessories made it veery versatile, inexpensive and very marketable.

She saw a market and a need and it worked. And she was only 24 when it went global and made her a multi-millionaire. Opportunities are out there in abundance and you probably have an idea that DOES have a niche market.

Take the time right now to right down 1 FEATURE OF YOUR PRODUCT….
and now write down 3 BENEFITS OF YOUR PRODUCT.
That is the ratio you want whenever you are marketing anything. What is in it for your customer. What and why should they buy your product, and not just once!

There is much more information to come on your next step marketing strategies. Accomplish these steps first…and remember, the “first sale” is to yourself as the internationally recognized entrepreneur Alan Weiss always says.

As a small business strategist and adjunct professor of marketing and communications, Strong Incentives knows what it takes to make your mark and make it profitably!

Stay tuned for more! It’s worth it.