Think you can’t…think you can? Either way you are right!

 Think negatively….and those are the exact results you will get!


Think positively…..and those are the exact results you will get!

Yet we keep falling back into our “failure habits” whenever we get that infamous “no” or possibly “no thank you.” And believe it or not they are BOTH a complete sentence!

But boy oh boy can they cripple our attitude. 

Being rejected affects our subconscious powerfully. It is the nature of us anyway to avoid pain and seek pleasure . Now that means dealing with the rejection of a potential client or with an acceptance of a new client. 

The pain or the pleasure will be there,

But how do YOU deal with it?

With every “NO” it statistically means you are that much closer to a yes. But that is the attitude of a positive and focused driven person.  Easier said than done.

I encourage you to read one of the many books written by Brian Tracy. This one is called “Eat That Frog!”  

The gist of the book is that you should have a daily goal that is results oriented. But you should put that on your list…..doing the worst thing first! That is why he calls it “Eat that frog!”  And to up the actions even more, Tracy says….if you have several lousy things to do……”eat the ugliest frog first!”

Basically he is saying. “Do the worst thing first, and get it over with.” Now that applies to making sales calls;  or doing your exercise workout;   or paying bills;  or doing a lousy task you have simply been avoiding.

Once you get into this format of setting up a daily goal list for yourself and actually putting  it into ACTION,…. then results are what you will get!

But here comes the caveat. Thinking like a positive person, anticipating a positive result, a positive action…..that is what will happen.

And thinking like a negative person, fearful, regretful of the “what – if’s”, the maybe they won’t like me….will come to fruition too. This has been proven over the years, even in a scientific format.

Think you can,,,,think you can’t, either way you are right. This sentence was spoken by the famous Henry Ford. 

And look where it got him!

As a business strategist, who has worked with the power of the mind concepts for over 25 years….I know first hand what people are truly capable of doing!

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Eileen Strong

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Failure Simply Hurts & Winning Is Awesome!

Walt Disney was a failure and needed psychological counseling more than once. Thomas Edison failed more times than he succeeded….as did Harlan Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fame). They have been told “no” “we don’t want it”, “go away”, “your’e nuts”, “you are  too expensive”, “it won’t work”…..and the list of rejection statements go on and on!

Let’s fact it…..rejection hurts! Whether you are rejected by a client, friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend….it simply hurts.

As you know with my background in psychology I always tell my audiences and my students that the “brain is constantly avoiding pain and always seeking pleasure.”  This is an ongoing process in our conscious state….almost as if we are on a see-saw…a balancing act of life. 

So how do you address this?      Image

Well, it takes awhile to “bounce back” and get back into a realm of feeling “safe.” Literally, like I said this becomes a balancing act. But you can bring back “up” the positive feelings and associations, when you have won,…when it did go your way. But YOU have to focus on that.

The power of your mind is capable of bringing you back into a high level of positive concentration. If we succumbed to all of the rejections we face in our life, we would all be walking around with our head hanging low! Think of all of the athletes that experience win or loss every game that they engage in. They unfortunately have a 50% change of failure….which is pretty high! But they leave the field, the court or the stadium with an attitude of yes we won,…. or “damn it” loss again.

So what are your next steps when actions have gone wrong? Well, write down your angst regarding this loss or rejection that you just went thru. Writing is like a catharsis for the brain. It is like a “mental enema” that helps you release the disappointment. If not,… you keep on emotionally building up the “bruises.” We become a broken record club that keep on tallying up the “no’s” that we have collected. Choose to start this  revamped way of thinking, instead of being a broken record club.

Write and release…seriously, write and release. Then write and focus on your next goal, your new goal. This might only take 2 minutes, but it works for the subconscious. It works powerfully. Write it down and put it in an easy place to read. And read it again. Because the rejection will come again, and you can choose to take control of balancing it out. 

Minimize the emotional bruises. Stay in control. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay profitable.

You are worth it!

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