Always have a call to action on your mar

Always have a call to action on your marketing material. Remember, It’s about what your customer needs…not about you!

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Are you using your business card effectively?

Are you using your business card effectively?

Quick take a look at your business csrd.

Is it BLANK on the back side? So many of us are wasting valuable marketing space by not promoting your skills, services and business as effectively as you can!

Remember while a potential client is looking at your card, you have a CAPTIVE audience. So make use of every moment.

Your card should tell them “Who” you are, “What” you have to offer, “Where” you are located, “Why” you are the right person (by listing 1 FEATURE and 3 BENEFITS for each feature) & “When” you can be used most effectively!


The MESSAGE on your answering machine.

Any flyers that you distribute.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,  and other relevant social media.

Always keep your content fresh, and continually collect and display new testimonials about your services.

It’s’ one thing to talk about yourself…but it is dynamic…when someone talks about you!

Collect testimonials, and yes even ask for them. And if they forget, you can write one up…contact them and see if it is ok with them to print what you wrote. 99% of the time they will say GREAT..go ahead. They mean to write you one, but they simply get busy again. 

Besides, who else can market you……LIKE YOU CAN!

Need some targeted business strategy advice? Contact or go to my email at and I will gladly give you 20 minutes of free consultation!

Strong Incentives….Delivers Powerful Results!

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