The power of public speaking & how it can grow your business!

ImageAre you adapting and changing to your business environment by promoting yourself and speaking?

A chameleon has to adapt to his “changing” environment ALL THE TIME….as do you! By speaking and sharing your knowledge with your peers, customers or audiences, you deliver credibility every time! But you need to get out there and do it!

People have such a powerful limiting fear of being JUDGED on how they presented and what they did or did not say correctly. Well, you certainly know your material. Now you have to practice it and present it such an engaging way, that you will have people contacting you and WANTING TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU!

Like I said, you know your material….now build in relevant stories that pertain to that audience, or data that is relevant to your topic, and engage, excite and entice them to take notice! How you create that opening and closing line will possibly make or break or capability of making that sale.

Since the brain thinks in pictures….people are “drawing” conclusions about you ALL the time. You must be capable of adapting to their responses to your presentations and the results that you are creating and or offering them. Create a story that has a “call to action”…that wants them to buy your product or sign up for your newsletter. Be creative yet be professional and think that YOU want and will get their business. By putting that energy “out there”….you will inevitably have several responses. Seriously!

Like Henry Ford said…”Think you can, think you can’t…either way you are RIGHT!

I actually create results oriented CD that can be a catalyst for your business! Contact me at to find out what powerful next steps I can do for you today!  

Be the successful “changing” chameleon you were meant to be….and adapt to the success you are meant to deserve!

Eileen Strong of Strong Incentives…..always delivering “Powerful Results!”

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