The president of the National Speakers A

The president of the National Speakers Association is presenting to the New Jersey chapter next week. If you were ever interested in becoming a professional speaker, join us next Tuesday evening. Need more information? Please go the NSA NJ site, and sign up for a great time and informative evening! As the current president of the group, I take great pride in who speaks to our group. Ron Culberson will engage and entertain you….beyond belief. Join us for a great evening!

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Do you “smile” when you work?

Do you actually ever feel happy at work? Did you know that the average child smiles, smirks, giggles or laughs over 200 times a day! And the average adult only does that 10 to 20 times day! What happened?

As a Flight Attendant for the now defunct airline P.S.A, we were known as the “smiling airplane!” We meant for you to have fun when you flew us. As long as we got the FAA safety requirement information out to our passengers, the rest was going to be a memorable flight. And we made sure that it was.

Our uniforms were short and sexy and colorful. And it matched our personalities! Each and every day we had fun. We laughed, conversed and served all of our passengers. And we made each flight memorable.

I actually enjoyed going to work! But there was the downsize that we had to maintain a certain weight and upper thigh measurement….or we were fired. See if that would work in todays environment!
But your attitude of gratitude about life and work shows in everything that you do.
Celebrate your business and your life. Look forward to making it unique as you are.
Or as the old Life Cereal with Mikey use to go…”Try it, you’ll like it!
As a business coach I show you how to target your audience and build it to the level you truly want it to be at…and enjoy it.Try it…contact me at…..Philadelphia-20120823-00023..and find yourself smiling too!

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