Do you really believe in “Murphy’s Law?”


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“If You Loot…I’ll Shoot!”

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The Power of the Red Cross!

Disaster after disaster they continue to help people in need. Our Jersey Shore Red Cross has been very busy still helping us out of the massive damage from Storm Sandy, BUT they got in their trucks 2 nights ago, and headed out to Moore, Oklahoma!

Their objective is to help…without questions.  They take action and follow through.

On June 5th, The Jersey Shore Chapter of the Red Cross and Shore Women’s business group are holding an event to raise additional funding for 5 family’s that have been devastated by “Storm Sandy.” These people have LOST EVERYTHING….and of course we are no longer in the news (which is understandable) but their lives are still in a “holding  pattern.”

Please don’t take your precious life and your surroundings for granted in anyway. Honor and live it to the fullest….yet always find if there is someone else you can help.

Were you “fortunate’ enough to see the footage of the elderly woman in Moore, Oklahoma talk about the shelter she sought in her home along with her dog Bowser? She prayed to God to spare her and her pet….but alas she could not find her precious pet amidst the horrific rubble. While filming the interview, the TV producer took a gasp and said…”THE DOG”…”THE DOG!”….and the camera swooped over to even more rubble….AND there were those  scared eyes of “Bowser!!”

The elderly woman strained to lift a heavy piece of debris, and other people helped…and soon Bowser was standing on all 4’s and free from the wreckage. She then said “I asked God for 2 prayers…and I thought I only got 1…..but he blessed me with 2!!!”

My heart soared with joy as I watched this unfold! As yours would too!

So celebrate your life everyday, because you are worth it! Always feel free to contact me at Eileen Strong anytime for uplifting presentations that make a difference.

And do what Ellen Degeneres says at the end of each show….”Be kind to one another!”

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Change is inevitable!

As a homeowner who took a MAJOR hit from “Super Storm Sandy” I know about CHANGE!

We lost over 13 large trees….one that was growing before the Civil War! On the up note, we are going to have a lot of sun on our in ground pool this summer. Each day we are reminded of the damage to your yard by  the huge tractor trailer marks from the wheels of the Bobcat trailers that were needed to take the fallen trees out of your yard. Oh well…..

The fact remains that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! You have gone thru it yourself everyday since you were a child. And you adapted didn’t you? What changes have you had handle recently?

I have contracts that seem to “change” all the time. One’s that I’ve been counting on….and at last minute…they get changed! I’ve dubbed myself “The Corporate Chameleon” for a reason. Because I’ve had to adapt to change with such consistency…I’ve simply adapted to the reasons that change has happened.

LIving here on the Jersey Shore has been enjoyable and beautiful. But at what price glory?

As a “corporate chameleon” I’ve professionally and personally adapted. And am ready for more. So go ahead, and take a deep breath and get ready for the next change coming your way. Contact me at Eileen Strong for powerful techniques that will help you adapt to change with an easier transition next time it “hits” you…like “Super Storm SandyImage“…and look at it as an opportunity….and you’ll survive! 

I did….and so can you!

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The power of YOUR mind! Have you ever known someone who followed the “my way or the highway?” syndrome.

The late Henry Ford said…..”think you can,….think you can’t….either way you are right!
How many times have you felt you COULD do something, then the power of your mind either scared you away or the thought of something going wrong stopped you!
Seriously, how many times have you been your own worst enemy?
Personally and professionally…I just experienced it again yesterday.

One man was truly convinced that his was THE way to do something. And this man is knowledgable on how people can come to a compromise!
Except he couldn’t compromise himself. Talk about an oxymoron.
And as a result….long term damage was done.
Just think of the word compromise and what it all means. Have you ever had to compromise in a professional or personal setting, because someone could NOT compromise?
Now I have to go thru this awkward transition, not feeling comfortable with these upcoming conversations.
Have you ever had that happen to you?

Share your feelings with me. Let me know how you would handle this awkward transition.
The only term I can come up with is “Hypocrite” and the person is not even aware of it!
Seriously…..this is weighing on my “mind”…has it ever weighed on yours?

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