The powerful fear of speaking in public…is quite real!

Two weeks ago in Las Vegas at the world famous Electronics show….a CEO of a major firm….stood in front of his audience and started to present. Unfortunately, the prompter & PowerPoint failed. He stood there “paralyzed” with fright. He scanned the audience and said “I can’t do this!”

Do you ever feel as if you are being sent for punishment because you had to make a presentation? 


What is YOUR attitude & level of confidence whenever you have to speak? Is it like this CEO’s…or do you take it in stride, present & take the consequences? Seriously you ARE in control. Lay out your presentation in a 5 W format. Who-What- Where -When -Why. Then list one feature followed by 3 benefits. Use this as a skeletal layout & then fill in the relevant material. Use this for structure….and practice , practice, practice! You WILL SUCCEED!href=””>Image this!”



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Change is inevitable!

Change is inevitable!

Sonogram of my 1st Grandchild!
My daughter and son-in-law surprised me with this news. They do NOT want to know the gender, which I like. This surprise bundle should arrive early July! Now that’s what I call CHANGE!

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