Between You & Me……New Life….New Experiences…Grandchildren!

Entering a new stage in life can sometimes be overwhelming…right?

Currently im learning to see life thru the “eyes” of a 1 year old… first Grandchild Amelia. And it’s incredible! Everything is a new experience; attempting to walk & falling down (a lot!)

But that’s what heppens to all of us. You learn that maybe a relationship is good or bad…in your personal or professional life. And you must adapt and accept or walk away. Change can be fun, frightening or frustrating.¬†How do you handle change?

Most people do NOT like Change at all! Literally only a baby with a wet diaper “wants” change!

Remember these powerful points to adapt & accept “Change.”

1: Am I safe?

2: Will this benefit or harm my life (personally or professionally?)

#3: What do I have to do next…to learn how to “respond & NOT react” to this change?

My Granddaughter is…eagerly..everyday! Now it’s your turn and you are worth it.

Choose to change…& you can choose to succeed!

Your “Corporate Chameleon”

Eileen Strong

Strong Incentives…Delivers Powerful Results!

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