Between You & Me……New Life….New Experiences…Grandchildren!

Entering a new stage in life can sometimes be overwhelming…right?

Currently im learning to see life thru the “eyes” of a 1 year old… first Grandchild Amelia. And it’s incredible! Everything is a new experience; attempting to walk & falling down (a lot!)

But that’s what heppens to all of us. You learn that maybe a relationship is good or bad…in your personal or professional life. And you must adapt and accept or walk away. Change can be fun, frightening or frustrating. How do you handle change?

Most people do NOT like Change at all! Literally only a baby with a wet diaper “wants” change!

Remember these powerful points to adapt & accept “Change.”

1: Am I safe?

2: Will this benefit or harm my life (personally or professionally?)

#3: What do I have to do next…to learn how to “respond & NOT react” to this change?

My Granddaughter is…eagerly..everyday! Now it’s your turn and you are worth it.

Choose to change…& you can choose to succeed!

Your “Corporate Chameleon”

Eileen Strong

Strong Incentives…Delivers Powerful Results!

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