Employee anger in the workplace!

Do you have to be on the lookout everyday at work?

It’s a fact that your workplace might be a dangerous place. In 2015 over 5 BILLION dollars was spent on repercussions from anger, communication & conflict between employees!  And it IS affecting your company’s bottom line.

Anger affects productivity….significantly! You know that yourself don’t you.

Think of the number of times you have brought emotional angst to work or frustration and anger back to your home. It’s the nature of many of us. And it’s a natural response. Anger is a powerfully emotional timeed in font -bomb.

And sometimes it can be suppressed again and again. Till an employee reaches their “tipping-point.”

What happens aftertaste this point. that is sometimes volatile & explosive …and sometimes even dangerous! Professionally you need to take control of this hostile environment. As quickly as possible bring the individual into a private area and use body language that shows you are in control.

Try not to put your hands on your hips. This is an “Authoritorian” pose, where you are implying power & control. Stand with your hands clasped in front of you, make eye contact and ask what is bothering you at work or at home. And wait at least 20 seconds before asking again.

This can be volatile, so be cautious. Keep your body language in check. Your actions at this point might be more powerful than your words. Time is an asset at this point. Use it to your advantage and stay in control.

It is imperative that you maintain a safe yet “results oriented” conversation at this point. By keeping an open dialogue, you will keep an open level of communication. Easier said than done!

This employee could feel threatened at this point. And your journey as “management” becomes critical. Take two deep breaths, repeat that you are concerned and committed to achieving results.

Reinforced that you understand and want to listen, understand & help.

Now your skills really become important. Remember…what you say is critical.

And think…would you listen to what you choose to say? Remember, think before you speak!

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