Killer Executive Speeches From The Podium

Lets face it….most of you are terrified to deliver a REALLY good speech! I might even say you “suck” when it comes to delivering a message that matters. And you will continue to do this with consistency, because you are letting your fear control you. And it will continue to do so.

So deal with it and CHANGE! You know your material…and you probably know most of the people in your audience. They probably are not going to lynch you if what you present is boring….but it won’t bring the results you are looking for…as usual.

So develop a game plan. Become a “gamer” like most of the younger Millenials do and have a strategy. Open with a sentence that literally grabs them, such as…”No one wants to be called a LOSER!” or “The only difference  between a rut and a grave is how deep you dig it!” That later one is of course Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” making another incredible rational thought…put into words…like only he could.

Be creative, be free…be spontaneous. Share something from your childhood and choose a scenario that others can relate to. It might even be embarassing, but you probably learned from it…didn’t you? The more  people can relate to you, the more they will listen and that’s  the key component.

And of course PRACTICE your opening, and your closing. Your content should be  filled with worthy information…but most people begin  to “fade” after 3  to 7 seconds. So make it count. Mix it up and bring levity to it. Take a deep breath throughout your presentation, just to calm yourself. Make it brief and to the point and of course with a call to action!

Jerry Seinfeld says he will take an 8 sentence joke and bring it down to 3 or 4, because that gets THE BEST RESPONSE!

Take it from these pro’s.

Remember your’e worth it…seriously!imgres-1

Why would people rather be in a coffin instead of giving the eulogy?

Since PUBLIC SPEAKING STILL remains the #1 fear people have…Jerry Seinfeld simply said that headline sentence best! He builds it into his presentations with confidence…because that’s what he has! Many of us are not talented as him.

But for those WHO DO hate public speaking more than death…we CAN choose to take control of this fear, instead of it controlling us!

It has been proven that ALL fears can be handled and adapted to with time. You choose when and where. How critically important is it to your life to make this change and control this fear? By controlling it,… will you have more self confidence? How about better job security and respect within your work environment? These two statements alone, justify how critically important it is…that YOU choose to take the next steps.

Start by writing down your fears and what will happen to you when  you address and specifically tackle this fear. Most of your colleagues will not chastise you OR humiliate you.They probably will give you words of encouragement and state that “they’re glad they  did not have to do what you just did!”

So you do have to “name it to claim it!” By acknowledging the fear, you’ve taken the first big step in controlling it. Next you have to take the baby steps of preparing your presentation by standing in front of a mirror and presenting it to yourself. Then do it a 2nd & 3rd time…but with credibility. Each time, create something different about your presentation.

Put a pause in where it would benefit a point you need to make. Only make the pause a second or two. This technique gives your presentation impact. And only practice allows you to deliver it with clout! Remember…”think you can…think you can’t…either way you are right!”

And the acronym for FEAR is F.alse E.xpectations A.ppearing R.eal. This emotion can be a dominating force. Take these initial steps and then practice presenting to a friend or to your pet. Sounds silly…but it works!

Seeking additional help? Email me at with your concerns and questions. They both are free…and advice is priceless!

A Chameleon HAS to adapt to survive! What do you do to survive in your business?

Blending in….the critical component!

As you grow your business, do you find it difficult to adapt to the environment?

My father use to say to me “Eileen always understand that nature is seldom mild in the wild.” That makes so much sense the more I experience the world of business.
With the intensity of competitive social media.
The ongoing pulsating factor of the internet…
always on – always going – never asleep – one is constantly adapting to the changing needs of a customer or unfocused employee. Do you have a team member not contributing their fair share to the team? Are their non-participatory actions causing you lack of productivity amongst your employees?
Then you have to adapt and take the next step actions. It is not worth the lack of productivity or loss of profitability. As a leader or entrepreneur, you have to take control of the situation.
Don’t think of it as “crossing the line” and jeopardizing
your relationship with them. Think of it like the Chameleon, adapting to the situation and the environment to survive.
Keeping your work environment productive, positive & profitable is your goal. Sometimes not easy…sometimes not pleasant…but always choosing to adapt so that positive results can be achieved!
Randy Gage is the prosperity expert and firmly believes in your mindset about adapting with a focused & positive drive. Or as the late great Vince Lombardi said…”Winning is not an option!”
As a Business Strategist, I work with entrepreneurs who want to adapt and acclimate successfully to the elements of their competition and want is going on out there.
Or as the Chinese General Sun-tsu wrote….”Keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer!”
So what is your competition doing more successfully than you?

How to successfully start a business even if it scares you!

Many of us will think of starting a new business but remain apprehensive of what to do. You can choose to do a multitude of strategies, and then narrow down what feels right to you. But you need some guidelines.
Feel comfortable and have a solid curiosity and passion about what you want to market! Even “rocks” can be sold at a profit. Yes I said rocks!

Several years ago, a smart entrepreneur came up with the idea of selling a “PET ROCK.” It came with a carrying container, and it had a little bed of “straw” in the inside, and it came with instructions of how to care for your brand new “pet rock.”

Their marketing into the fact that everybody needed and or wanted a pet. But many did not want the hassle or inconvenience of taking care of a pet. And Eureka…..this was the answer. You did not have to walk it, or feed it, or even pet it. You certainly could talk to it, and take it where ever you went. Because it did come with its’ own carrying case. People named their pet rocks, and it did make several million dollars of profit for the creator. Think about what your value proposition is for your product or service.

Lindsay Phillips, came up with the idea of “Switch Flops.” She created the idea of having sandals that could have interchangeable velcro tops for the sandals you owned. Color, texture and accessories made it veery versatile, inexpensive and very marketable.

She saw a market and a need and it worked. And she was only 24 when it went global and made her a multi-millionaire. Opportunities are out there in abundance and you probably have an idea that DOES have a niche market.

Take the time right now to right down 1 FEATURE OF YOUR PRODUCT….
and now write down 3 BENEFITS OF YOUR PRODUCT.
That is the ratio you want whenever you are marketing anything. What is in it for your customer. What and why should they buy your product, and not just once!

There is much more information to come on your next step marketing strategies. Accomplish these steps first…and remember, the “first sale” is to yourself as the internationally recognized entrepreneur Alan Weiss always says.

As a small business strategist and adjunct professor of marketing and communications, Strong Incentives knows what it takes to make your mark and make it profitably!

Stay tuned for more! It’s worth it.