The power of YOUR mind! Have you ever known someone who followed the “my way or the highway?” syndrome.

The late Henry Ford said…..”think you can,….think you can’t….either way you are right!
How many times have you felt you COULD do something, then the power of your mind either scared you away or the thought of something going wrong stopped you!
Seriously, how many times have you been your own worst enemy?
Personally and professionally…I just experienced it again yesterday.

One man was truly convinced that his was THE way to do something. And this man is knowledgable on how people can come to a compromise!
Except he couldn’t compromise himself. Talk about an oxymoron.
And as a result….long term damage was done.
Just think of the word compromise and what it all means. Have you ever had to compromise in a professional or personal setting, because someone could NOT compromise?
Now I have to go thru this awkward transition, not feeling comfortable with these upcoming conversations.
Have you ever had that happen to you?

Share your feelings with me. Let me know how you would handle this awkward transition.
The only term I can come up with is “Hypocrite” and the person is not even aware of it!
Seriously…..this is weighing on my “mind”…has it ever weighed on yours?

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