Want To Deliver A Knockout Speech…but your FEAR of public speaking stops you!

It’s a fact that this #1 fear that people have, has stopped thousands of people!

You have a message that you know with confidence, but your fear limits your ability!

Do you belong to that group? Well, welcome to a group that is crowded…very crowded.

#1) Write your speech out on 8×10 sheets, and put it in medium size font.

#2) Stand in front of a mirror that you’ve stood in front of many times, and read your speech out in full content, while looking into the mirror frequently. Repeat this process at least 3 times.

#3) Now take a deep & refreshing breath and read it again with pauses and style. Read it as if you were presenting a story to engaged young people, eager to listen to you. Now  smile as you present it again. Repetition is critically important here.

#4) Next present your presentation to a friend, family member or even a pet. Having an audience of any nature is a necessity for you to take control of your fear of public speaking. Now do it again, with someone else. (As the sentence goes…”How do you get to Carnegie Hall…practice, practice, practice.”)

#5) Now stand in the spot that you are to make the presentation from, or at least know the lay-out of the room and the seating configuration of your audience. All of these baby-steps rebuilds your self-esteem as a speaker. Seriously, you DO know your material, so the more you honor these simplistic steps, the easier it will become.

#6) Finally record yourself and watch your presentation. We tend to be our own worse critic, but if you see how you look and sound the “safer” you’ll feel about what you are doing. Simply because you’ve  become familiar with knowing, hearing and seeing what you look like. This is just plain powerful.

Do each of these steps, and your fear WILL be eliminated.

It IS good to have some level of anxiety, but you can minimize that fear by practice, confidence & a belief in yourself.

Seriously, you ARE worth it!

Eileen Strong shows people how to speak with confidence & clarity; and delivering their compelling message successfully!


The powerful fear of speaking in public…is quite real!

Two weeks ago in Las Vegas at the world famous Electronics show….a CEO of a major firm….stood in front of his audience and started to present. Unfortunately, the prompter & PowerPoint failed. He stood there “paralyzed” with fright. He scanned the audience and said “I can’t do this!”

Do you ever feel as if you are being sent for punishment because you had to make a presentation? 


What is YOUR attitude & level of confidence whenever you have to speak? Is it like this CEO’s…or do you take it in stride, present & take the consequences? Seriously you ARE in control. Lay out your presentation in a 5 W format. Who-What- Where -When -Why. Then list one feature followed by 3 benefits. Use this as a skeletal layout & then fill in the relevant material. Use this for structure….and practice , practice, practice! You WILL SUCCEED!href=”https://eileenstrong.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/image1.jpg”>Image this!”



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Celebrate everyday of your life!

Image  Today is my birthday and I am celebrating all weekend!

In fact I celebrate everyday the beauty of life. We are so truly blessed in so many ways, that we forget to recognize how special we are.

Whether you are young, middle age or officially now past 60, I am still smiling and loving every breath! And that is not even an exaggeration! Steps that I have taken in life have allowed me to do this. And as a result a lot of positive things have taken place.

Not just the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” but figuring out what to do and when you would like it to happen makes it even better. And of course there is no guarantee on any of that…but at least you put the pieces in place!

As the newly inducted President of National Speakers Association for New Jersey, I am cranking up the next steps on speaking and training even more thru out the country. As long as I can talk, I am employed! No need to think of retirement….which is true for most speaking professionals.

Reach out and ask for help if you are stuck. Most of us really, truly want to help out a fellow human being….and all you have to do is ask! Personally, I help people get rid of the #1 fear that most of us have, and that is speaking in pubic.

If that has ever bothered you….reach out and call me! I’ll send you my free CD on 5 powerful presentation skills that work every time. Also I can coach you to feel empowered whenever you speak.

Get rid of that fear, and celebrate your confidence in life…on stage and off! You are worth it! 

Simply go to EileenStrong.com to get your FREE CD TODAY!

Think you can’t…think you can? Either way you are right!

 Think negatively….and those are the exact results you will get!


Think positively…..and those are the exact results you will get!

Yet we keep falling back into our “failure habits” whenever we get that infamous “no” or possibly “no thank you.” And believe it or not they are BOTH a complete sentence!

But boy oh boy can they cripple our attitude. 

Being rejected affects our subconscious powerfully. It is the nature of us anyway to avoid pain and seek pleasure . Now that means dealing with the rejection of a potential client or with an acceptance of a new client. 

The pain or the pleasure will be there,

But how do YOU deal with it?

With every “NO” it statistically means you are that much closer to a yes. But that is the attitude of a positive and focused driven person.  Easier said than done.

I encourage you to read one of the many books written by Brian Tracy. This one is called “Eat That Frog!”  

The gist of the book is that you should have a daily goal that is results oriented. But you should put that on your list…..doing the worst thing first! That is why he calls it “Eat that frog!”  And to up the actions even more, Tracy says….if you have several lousy things to do……”eat the ugliest frog first!”

Basically he is saying. “Do the worst thing first, and get it over with.” Now that applies to making sales calls;  or doing your exercise workout;   or paying bills;  or doing a lousy task you have simply been avoiding.

Once you get into this format of setting up a daily goal list for yourself and actually putting  it into ACTION,…. then results are what you will get!

But here comes the caveat. Thinking like a positive person, anticipating a positive result, a positive action…..that is what will happen.

And thinking like a negative person, fearful, regretful of the “what – if’s”, the maybe they won’t like me….will come to fruition too. This has been proven over the years, even in a scientific format.

Think you can,,,,think you can’t, either way you are right. This sentence was spoken by the famous Henry Ford. 

And look where it got him!

As a business strategist, who has worked with the power of the mind concepts for over 25 years….I know first hand what people are truly capable of doing!

Interested in generating results for your life personally or professionally, contact me at Eileen@StrongIncentives.com for your free CD on “Generating Positive Results”

Better yet, call to receive a free 20 minute consultation on increasing powerful results in your life.   1-866- 531-2387

Eileen Strong

“The Attitude Amazon”  & “Corporate Chameleon”

Strong Incentives (more…)

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Clint Eastwood was in a great movie (like always)…but this one was called “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”….
and it sure seems that way when you are an entrepreneur.
The good part of being self employed is that you have a sense of freedom…or not? Are you tied down to always looking for new revenues of income or new clients?
The bad part is that you are frequently on your own, making decisions about whether or not this is worth all the work.
I have learned many, many lessons from doing this…and I share this with you and my clients.
It is truly a journey, and it is good, bad and ugly….sometimes!
Alex Mandossian is a name you should seek out. He is the king of webinars…and loves the fact that he walks 50 feet from his bedroom to his office, shuts the door, and goes to work on generating income for others thru the wisdom of Webinars. It has made him very, very rich!

I’ve discovered you really have to make it a niche market and a targeted market of who you are going to go after. And you have to be relentless about this. And that is the ugly part about it!
How hungry are you?
Listen to what Tom Antion has to say and Alex Mandossian and apply what they teach and you’ll be part of the “good” and less of the “bad and the ugly.”
I’ve got too much scar tissue to prove it!

Why does public speaking scare so many people?

I have told this line more than once….that Public Speaking is the #1 fear that people have, and death is the #7 fear. With that in mind it is apparently true (or at least the way that Jerry Seinfeld the comedian says)…”You mean to tell me that at a funeral the guy in the coffin is happier than the guy giving the eulogy?” Think about that…it should at least bring a smile to your face!
But it is the fear of being judged by our “peers” that cripples so many of us. Being judged that we may be doing something wrong or that we may be making a mistake, or that we WILL make a mistake while presenting and simply freeze after that.
Well that scenario just happened on “Dancing with the stars, when Chynna Phillips, completely forgot several of her next steps. She simply blanked out and even though her partner talked her thru all the next steps….it was obvious she was lost. And it cost her the competition. She let her fear overwhelm her and control her.
Well that is what happens when you let a fear dominate your thoughts!
I know you have heard the acronym breakout of F.E.A.R. – False Expectations Appearing Real – All in the power of your mind. You letting the power of something going wrong….believing it and allowing it to explode in front of you.
Staying focused is really simple and concise. Think of a hunting dog with his owner….his job is to “freeze & point” to what he see’s and not to lose focus!
This can be you when you present. Stay clear, crisp and focused…and confident on your knowledge of the material that you are speaking on.
Stop wallowing in the fear that you cannot speak in public. Join a Toastmasters group and begin to unravel those fears and take control.
Be the winner in the public eye and the private time when you look in the mirror that night and say to yourself…”I really did great today!”
Give yourself the permission to succeed! It really is an addictive power! And you are worth it!

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Celebrate your success!

Well today is Grounds Hog day. I guess we are celebrating that there was no shadow and that winter will be over sooner than later. But at this rate, we have already had our complete share of winter in the Northeast.
This is a special day in our family….since it is not only Ground Hog day, but it is also my son’s 23rd birthday. So yes, we are celebrating!!
But that is personal, and I am now talking professional. You should be celebrating every time you make a presentation that is content rich, confident and credible.
By presenting your material that is engaging and rich with relatable stories, you will have your audience wanting to hear more!
This is YOUR journey of change.
This is YOUR journey of committing to discipline.
This is YOUR journey of practicing and knowing your material, so that IF there is an unexpected event during your presentation…you can get right back to your topic of expertise….and even BLEND in the unexpected event into your presentation.
Choosing to minimize your fear when you speak, gives you “a foot up” on feeling credible.
Because this is such a powerful fear, we drag these “chains of apprehension” with us…up to the podium.
Your state of mind is how you react to a Nationally recognized holiday, a family members birthday, or the positive sense of empowerment because your presentation was solid.
Break your presentation into 3 or 4 components. Open with a BANG! And close with a memorable point (that you have worked on) and bring your message home. Don’t say “Thank you for letting me present to you today”….for that is simply BORING. Remember you want to leave a message of credibility.
Be creative and thing of a closing line that your audience can relate to. And they will. And they WILL call you back.
Confident to credible is what you will become!
As a professional presentations coach, working with you to achieve this level is my objective. Leave the apprehension behind and celebrate your confidence.
Strong Incentives does deliver powerful results!