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Do you have to be on the lookout everyday at work? It’s a fact that your workplace might be a dangerous place. In 2015 over 5 BILLION dollars was spent on repercussions from anger, communication & conflict between employees! And it IS affecting your company’s bottom line. Anger affects productivity….significantly! You know that yourself don’t […]

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A Chameleon HAS to adapt to survive! What do you do to survive in your business?

Blending in….the critical component!

As you grow your business, do you find it difficult to adapt to the environment?

My father use to say to me “Eileen always understand that nature is seldom mild in the wild.” That makes so much sense the more I experience the world of business.
With the intensity of competitive social media.
The ongoing pulsating factor of the internet…
always on – always going – never asleep – one is constantly adapting to the changing needs of a customer or unfocused employee. Do you have a team member not contributing their fair share to the team? Are their non-participatory actions causing you lack of productivity amongst your employees?
Then you have to adapt and take the next step actions. It is not worth the lack of productivity or loss of profitability. As a leader or entrepreneur, you have to take control of the situation.
Don’t think of it as “crossing the line” and jeopardizing
your relationship with them. Think of it like the Chameleon, adapting to the situation and the environment to survive.
Keeping your work environment productive, positive & profitable is your goal. Sometimes not easy…sometimes not pleasant…but always choosing to adapt so that positive results can be achieved!
Randy Gage is the prosperity expert and firmly believes in your mindset about adapting with a focused & positive drive. Or as the late great Vince Lombardi said…”Winning is not an option!”
As a Business Strategist, I work with entrepreneurs who want to adapt and acclimate successfully to the elements of their competition and want is going on out there.
Or as the Chinese General Sun-tsu wrote….”Keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer!”
So what is your competition doing more successfully than you?

Think you can’t…think you can? Either way you are right!

 Think negatively….and those are the exact results you will get!


Think positively…..and those are the exact results you will get!

Yet we keep falling back into our “failure habits” whenever we get that infamous “no” or possibly “no thank you.” And believe it or not they are BOTH a complete sentence!

But boy oh boy can they cripple our attitude. 

Being rejected affects our subconscious powerfully. It is the nature of us anyway to avoid pain and seek pleasure . Now that means dealing with the rejection of a potential client or with an acceptance of a new client. 

The pain or the pleasure will be there,

But how do YOU deal with it?

With every “NO” it statistically means you are that much closer to a yes. But that is the attitude of a positive and focused driven person.  Easier said than done.

I encourage you to read one of the many books written by Brian Tracy. This one is called “Eat That Frog!”  

The gist of the book is that you should have a daily goal that is results oriented. But you should put that on your list…..doing the worst thing first! That is why he calls it “Eat that frog!”  And to up the actions even more, Tracy says….if you have several lousy things to do……”eat the ugliest frog first!”

Basically he is saying. “Do the worst thing first, and get it over with.” Now that applies to making sales calls;  or doing your exercise workout;   or paying bills;  or doing a lousy task you have simply been avoiding.

Once you get into this format of setting up a daily goal list for yourself and actually putting  it into ACTION,…. then results are what you will get!

But here comes the caveat. Thinking like a positive person, anticipating a positive result, a positive action…..that is what will happen.

And thinking like a negative person, fearful, regretful of the “what – if’s”, the maybe they won’t like me….will come to fruition too. This has been proven over the years, even in a scientific format.

Think you can,,,,think you can’t, either way you are right. This sentence was spoken by the famous Henry Ford. 

And look where it got him!

As a business strategist, who has worked with the power of the mind concepts for over 25 years….I know first hand what people are truly capable of doing!

Interested in generating results for your life personally or professionally, contact me at Eileen@StrongIncentives.com for your free CD on “Generating Positive Results”

Better yet, call to receive a free 20 minute consultation on increasing powerful results in your life.   1-866- 531-2387

Eileen Strong

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“Who Stole My Confidence?”

Success!!! I have finished my first book and am ready to go to print and online. This great book deals with all aspects of losing, gaining and keeping your confidence thru life.

I show you 7 “Rock Solid” steps to take yours back. It is told thru a first person story of a successful journey that can and will help you take yours back with ease.
Follow me on my journey thru Amazon and publishing as this book comes to life along with the other two on the way to creation.

Here’s to a good read and a positive response from you and all the next great steps you are capable of making!


You Gotta Believe….you really, really do.

The Cape of "Ta-Da".....& the fun of believing!The fun of wearing the famous Ta-Da” cape of Loretta LaRouche!

The Cape of "Ta-Da".....& the fun of believing!

Fun, fun, fun…..is guaranteed everyday if and when you practice what humorist Loretta LaRouche speaks on. Most of us in America have lost our capability to laugh with abundance. The economy is down, the housing market is in a crisis, unemployment is up….and these were the headlines that several presidents have talked about for over 150 years.

Most of us know that “History repeats itself.” And that IS the truth!

The truth is also that we no longer laugh as much as a child does. The average adult laughs, smirks, smiles broadly or giggles less than 40 times a day. The average child under 10 does just that from 100 to 400 times a day!

How did we lose this incredible gift?

One of the topics that I speak on is “Laughter is Contagious….Want to Catch Some?” This seminar addresses the incredible stress in our life….at work and at home. What negatively happens at work, we drag back home….and what happens at work we tend to take out on family members that we love.

Take a step back…and smile at yourself in the mirror. Make eye contact with the person you are next to…and genuinely ask how they are doing.

Check in and see how you are doing at least 3 times a day. Check in with yourself in the morning. Review your state of mind mid-day and evaluate how you are doing at the evening hours.

The great, late Norman Cousins, knew of the power of positive and more so the power of laughter.He was advised that his days were numbered and that he should get his affairs in order within the next 3 to 6 months….because that was the prognosis given to him! He checked in to the hotel across the street from the hospital and rented and viewed comedy films, day after day, after day.

What prognosis? He lived another  16 years!!

Give yourself a “Ta-Da” everyday. Laugh out loud…and be silly for no reason. Don’t think about it…just do it. If you don’t pat yourself on the back and give yourself a “Ta-Da”…who will?

As a speaker, I love bringing joy to your company, seminar or workshop. Strong Incentives brings powerful results…..in a positive way!

Blessings in abundance to you everyday!

The Attitude Amazon,

Eileen Strong