Killer Executive Speeches From The Podium

Lets face it….most of you are terrified to deliver a REALLY good speech! I might even say you “suck” when it comes to delivering a message that matters. And you will continue to do this with consistency, because you are letting your fear control you. And it will continue to do so.

So deal with it and CHANGE! You know your material…and you probably know most of the people in your audience. They probably are not going to lynch you if what you present is boring….but it won’t bring the results you are looking for…as usual.

So develop a game plan. Become a “gamer” like most of the younger Millenials do and have a strategy. Open with a sentence that literally grabs them, such as…”No one wants to be called a LOSER!” or “The only difference  between a rut and a grave is how deep you dig it!” That later one is of course Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” making another incredible rational thought…put into words…like only he could.

Be creative, be free…be spontaneous. Share something from your childhood and choose a scenario that others can relate to. It might even be embarassing, but you probably learned from it…didn’t you? The more  people can relate to you, the more they will listen and that’s  the key component.

And of course PRACTICE your opening, and your closing. Your content should be  filled with worthy information…but most people begin  to “fade” after 3  to 7 seconds. So make it count. Mix it up and bring levity to it. Take a deep breath throughout your presentation, just to calm yourself. Make it brief and to the point and of course with a call to action!

Jerry Seinfeld says he will take an 8 sentence joke and bring it down to 3 or 4, because that gets THE BEST RESPONSE!

Take it from these pro’s.

Remember your’e worth it…seriously!imgres-1

“Think you can…think you can’t…either way you’re right!”

Henry Ford is credited for this sentence….but sadly he never “thought” his only son (Edsel)…could! A lifetime of criticism & disbelief in his sons skills, caused long term conflict between father & son. Once words are spoken, a thousand horses can’t pull them away. Sadly Henry Fords wisdom was hypocritical in this situation. Edsel Ford never recovered from his fathers actions & beliefs.
And yes there is a true “rise and fall” story of the infamous Edsel automobile. Sadly it was a fiasco!

Are you ever thinking or doubting that you can do something? Many of us have….and affects our productivity & profitability.
Belief in yourself and your team remains critically important. Giving a co-worker, a family member or a team leader support is a major catalyst .
Look at the picture of this fish. What tenacity!

Everyday your supportive criticism must be interlaced with praise that motivates. For long term positive results, practice this in your professional & personal life
You, your family & your team members are worth it!

As a professional motivational speaker on Communication & Change Management, Strong incentives, delivers this with every productive presentation. Contact to find out that the walk that I talk is applicable to you team too!

Are you busy and productive…or just busy?

Fail to plan….than plan to fail! How many of us are guilty of that activity?

I know I certainly am…..but the more I walk my talk, the more productive and profitable I become. And the same is true for you!

Have a plan and stick to it! Make it concrete and don’t let it settle into routine that does not generate results. Think about when you look at a beehive. Each bee has a specific job and they do not change from it.

When their task is finished, either they are removed from the hive, or killed off by fellow bee’s. Now we know that it is not that ruthless in the real world, but sometimes it gets pretty similar. Don’t be your own worst enemy, and get in your own way!
Set up a 60 day business plan and make it concise! Pick 10 companies or individuals that you believe would benefit from your services. Focus on them and only them. Send out content rich material that will make a difference for them professionally and personally. Follow up with a brief phone call or concise emails.
This will develop credibility and make you more marketable.
Know each day what tasks you need and want to achieve. Check it off in front of your eyes and let it be easily seen. As I tell my clients and students….”The brain thinks in pictures”….and it does. Use visualization skills that will keep you “rockin’ & rollin” and will you see your client list grow and your bottom line!
Now get busy!!!

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