“Why NOT you?”

Russell Wilson’s dad said this to his son…repeatedly…regarding his “limitations” of being only 5’11”!
Coaches questioned whether he really could be a solid, successful quarterback and that size would hinder him.

Obviously he proved everyone wrong…as did all of his incredible teammates. Think you can, think you can’t was proven again to be right. They thought they could and they DID!

When you are making a presentation…know that you CAN make a great presentation…..and you WILL.

Remember, know your material.
Know your audience.
And KNOW that you will make a great presentation….and you will!
Just like Russell Wilson!

Call me to find out how great of a presentation YOU can make!
732-389-3868…..a simple call with powerful results!

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Celebrate everyday of your life!

Image  Today is my birthday and I am celebrating all weekend!

In fact I celebrate everyday the beauty of life. We are so truly blessed in so many ways, that we forget to recognize how special we are.

Whether you are young, middle age or officially now past 60, I am still smiling and loving every breath! And that is not even an exaggeration! Steps that I have taken in life have allowed me to do this. And as a result a lot of positive things have taken place.

Not just the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” but figuring out what to do and when you would like it to happen makes it even better. And of course there is no guarantee on any of that…but at least you put the pieces in place!

As the newly inducted President of National Speakers Association for New Jersey, I am cranking up the next steps on speaking and training even more thru out the country. As long as I can talk, I am employed! No need to think of retirement….which is true for most speaking professionals.

Reach out and ask for help if you are stuck. Most of us really, truly want to help out a fellow human being….and all you have to do is ask! Personally, I help people get rid of the #1 fear that most of us have, and that is speaking in pubic.

If that has ever bothered you….reach out and call me! I’ll send you my free CD on 5 powerful presentation skills that work every time. Also I can coach you to feel empowered whenever you speak.

Get rid of that fear, and celebrate your confidence in life…on stage and off! You are worth it! 

Simply go to EileenStrong.com to get your FREE CD TODAY!

Why does public speaking scare so many people?

I have told this line more than once….that Public Speaking is the #1 fear that people have, and death is the #7 fear. With that in mind it is apparently true (or at least the way that Jerry Seinfeld the comedian says)…”You mean to tell me that at a funeral the guy in the coffin is happier than the guy giving the eulogy?” Think about that…it should at least bring a smile to your face!
But it is the fear of being judged by our “peers” that cripples so many of us. Being judged that we may be doing something wrong or that we may be making a mistake, or that we WILL make a mistake while presenting and simply freeze after that.
Well that scenario just happened on “Dancing with the stars, when Chynna Phillips, completely forgot several of her next steps. She simply blanked out and even though her partner talked her thru all the next steps….it was obvious she was lost. And it cost her the competition. She let her fear overwhelm her and control her.
Well that is what happens when you let a fear dominate your thoughts!
I know you have heard the acronym breakout of F.E.A.R. – False Expectations Appearing Real – All in the power of your mind. You letting the power of something going wrong….believing it and allowing it to explode in front of you.
Staying focused is really simple and concise. Think of a hunting dog with his owner….his job is to “freeze & point” to what he see’s and not to lose focus!
This can be you when you present. Stay clear, crisp and focused…and confident on your knowledge of the material that you are speaking on.
Stop wallowing in the fear that you cannot speak in public. Join a Toastmasters group and begin to unravel those fears and take control.
Be the winner in the public eye and the private time when you look in the mirror that night and say to yourself…”I really did great today!”
Give yourself the permission to succeed! It really is an addictive power! And you are worth it!

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