Stress free holidays without the weight gain

Well the busy holiday season is coming  at us fast. Yes there is Thanksgiving…but now there will be that incredible “Black Friday” the following day. I was talking to a clerk at Circuit City and she said she had to be at the store by 4 am. This would be a first for her. The competition is so tough with retailers this season.

Everyone is being truly selective on where they spend their money this year. It was announced on ABC news yesterday that the average American will spend about $700 for their entire budget this year.  Our consumption level has been brought to a screaming halt.

 As people spend less money, they may turn to food for solace. Always remember that food is fuel and not a replacement for confused or muddled emotions.  When I speak on my favorite topic “It’s not what you’re eating….it’s what’s eating at you”….I think of the frenzied pace we will all be at the next 6 weeks.

The Christmas cookies, the festive drinks, the celebratory food seems to be coming at us full force. 

Remember take at least 4 deep breaths (seriously it will help release your serotonin, which is calming) and realize that food is not the issue here. It is temporarily filling our stomachs (which makes us feel safe and calmer)….and than we can continue with the fast pace life that we are in the midst of, but at least by slowing down….we don’t have to eat as fast or as much. Always put down your fork, spoon or sandwich with every 3rd mouthful. Reach for a healthy beverage and then eat a little bit more, but at that same pace.  

Enjoy the food. Enjoy the fun. Enjoy the slower pace. And enjoy the festivities around you today. You’re worth it!


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